Why MIRACLE Online Books?

MIRACLE addresses an unspoken concern among parents, medical professionals, educators, peers and community members: "What is the most effective and least traumatizing method to introduce and explain medical illnesses, conditions or circumstances to children?"

MIRACLE recognizes children dealing with illnesses, conditions and circumstances and acknowledges the people associated with them: parents, families, medical professionals, educators, peers and community members. Our social media outlets serve as informative resources that encourage, motivate and build self-esteem within our health awareness community. MIRACLE endeavors to strengthen children, families and communities as a whole by unifying and implementing the following objectives:

  • Empower parents with confidence when talking with their children about medical illnesses, conditions or circumstances.
  • Educate family members and assist them in overcoming feelings of anger, rebellion, rejection and resentment to become team players.
  • Encourage peers and community members to promote acceptance within classrooms and other community environments.
  • Embrace the condition with the child and meet it head on with pride, dignity and understanding.
  • End harassment and bullying.

Social media and advanced technologies confront children with unlimited potential for harassment and overwhelming negativity. It is imperative, therefore, to reach out and unite with young people and their families. Through collaboration, we can influence youth to be more sensitive and stop bullying. Through education and encouragement, we can motivate the next generation and its leadership to be more understanding and compassionate.

MIRACLE exists to fulfill its mission, vision and values, because the impact of the things we say and do today have the potential to take on lasting, global significance.

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